26 Short happy quotes

In order to remain happy for the rest of your life, you need to understand something which is “Everything happens for a reason” and God has always planned something extra-ordinary and something bigger for you. You just need to stay positive throughout your life and it’ll get the job done. Here are 26 Short happy …

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24 Cute quotes pink

One of the best sort of quotes are cute ones ad we often related word cute with pink color so we came up with cute pinkish quotes to make your day. In such quotes you can get life lessons, you can get ways of spending your lives and you can get all the happiness and …

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22 Mom life quotes

Biggest blessing of this entire world is mother. No one can love you more than your mother as she is the one who make you come to this beautiful universe. In mother one can simply find his/her life without any doubt. It is such a beautiful and selfless relationship that it can’t be described in …

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22 Life quotes

Life is the biggest most blessing of Almighty and we must thank Him for giving that life to us. Life is the name of joy and we have to make it beautiful with our acts. For this very reason we have to be kind to others and we have to be very cool to make …

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24 Motivational quotes dreams

Motivational quotes can make you do amazing things in your life. There is a leader and a great person present in everyone. He/she just needs motivation and direction to bring the best of that person out of himself/herself. Here are 24 Motivational quotes dreams

24 Life quotes family

Family is one who will stand by your side through every thick and thin. Your friends may make you suffer but it is the family which holds you and which will make you a successful one. You need to be positive with your family and success will be all yours. Here are 24

22 Motivational quotes for women

If a women gets motivated, she can motivate her family which includes teenagers as well as her husband and in this way she can bring a very positive change in our society. More the motivated women, more the positive intent will come. Here are 22 Motivational quotes for women

26 Happy quotes thoughts

To make you happy, we have came up with these quotes and these quotes will give you much to cheer about. In order to get real happiness, we suggest you to read these quotes and this will do a whole lot of good to you. Here are 26 Happy quotes thoughts